Ordering Alterations

Welcome to Scavini, and welcome to our "Your first order" section. In this section, we'll guide you through the process so that you can make your first purchase with complete peace of mind!

In this article, you'll find our advice on ordering alterations to your first pair of trousers.


You've found a model you like and your size by following the two previous articles. When you add your item to the shopping basket, you'll probably notice two extra boxes.


Indeed, all our trousers are unfinished at the bottom, as default.

In other words, if you don't ask for alterations, your trousers will be very long. It will then be up to your local alteration specialist to adjust the trousers to the right length, with the finish of your choice (hems, cuffs...)



For your first order, we strongly advise against ordering alterations.

Indeed, alterations will invalidate the possibility of making a return if the size or cut is not right.

If the trousers fit, you can visit your local alteration shop.

Ask them to give you the inseam length they made for you. You'll be able to order your next pair of trousers with this!

If the trousers do not fit, you'll be able to send them back to us for a refund or an exchange!


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