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Welcome to Scavini, and welcome to our "Your first order" section. In this section, we'll guide you through the process so that you can make your first purchase with complete peace of mind!

In this article, you'll find our advice on choosing the right trousers or jacket for you. Let's get started!


I. Choosing a cut (trousers)

We currently offer 6 cuts in our trouser collection:

  • The Slim cut
  • The Classic cut
  • The One-Pleat cut
  • The Two-Pleats cut
  • The Gurkha cut
  • The Fishtail cut

For the sake of simplicity, our cuts can be distinguished according to two main criteria.

  • General appearance: Straight cuts and fitted cuts.
  • Details: Simple (belt loops, no pleats) or tailored (side adjusters, pleats, more assertive style).

Here is a reference table to help you make your choice, according to your preferences:

  Straight cuts Tapered cuts

Simple details

  • S2 / Classic cut
  • S1 / Slim cut
Tailored details
  • S3 / One-Pleat cut
  • GS / Gurkha cut
  • FS / Fishtail cut
  • S4 / Two-Pleats cut


II. Choosing a seasonal garment

The next question to ask yourself is :

  • During which season will I wear my garment?

The answer will determine the fabric category best suited to your needs.

  • Versatile (3-4 saisons): Simple cotton, high-twist wool.
  • Autumn-Winter: Flannel or Tweed, whipcord, cashmere, corduroy et moleskin.
  • Spring-Summer: High-twist wool, linen, light cotton, blended fabric (ie. wool, linen & silk). 


III. Determining the formality level

Next you need to ask yourself in what situations you want to wear your garment. Is it for work, in a formal setting? Or more casual?

Generally speaking, the smoother the fabric, the more formal it will be. On the other hand, a felted, patterned or textured fabric will be more casual.

Wool is the most formal, while linen and cotton are the most casual.


IV. Final considerations

Now that your wishes are more specific, all that's left to do is choose from our collections!

We offer a wide variety of fabrics, in a wide range of colours and patterns. There's something for everyone!

In our catalogue, you'll mainly find clothes for the current season.

Find out more in the article below: Availability of new garments and restocks.




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