New Garments & Restocks

In this article, you'll find all the information you need about the release of our latest models and the restocking of our collections.


I. Availability of fabrics depending on the current season

Apart from our cotton trousers (chinos), the fabrics of the garments available for purchase depend on the current season.

Moreover, the clothes offered are usually renewed and are not reissued the following year.

Spring-summer: Bermudas, linen, hemp, light cotton, cold wools and light blends such as "wool, linen and silk".
Autumn-Winter: Flannels, tweeds, moleskins, corduroys, thick cottons and cashmere.


II. Launch of new collections

Our new collections are launched at these times respectively:

Spring-Summer: April-May
Autumn-Winter: September-October

The launch of a collection is always announced on our website, our newsletter and our social networks.

The collections are launched at the same time in our shop and on the website.

III. Restocking of current collections

The restocking is usually scheduled during the first months of the season.

Spring-Summer: End of May to early July.
Autumn-Winter: From the end of October to early January.

After these dates, the articles remain available until the stock is exhausted and are not restocked.


IV. Launch and restocks calendar

We update this calendar regularly with the latest developments.

Color code : Received ; awaiting delivery

The exact delivery dates are not known (unless otherwise stated below the table). The dates announced are therefore not contractual. They merely reflect forecasts.


1. Trousers

Spring-Summer 2023 Collection (past)
/ Launch Restock
S1 / Slim cut May 2023 (received) None
S2 / Classic cut April 2023 (received) June 2023 (New Items)
S3 / One-Pleat cut April 2023 (received) None
S4 / Two-Pleats cut May 2023 (received) None
GS / Gurkha cut June 2023 (received) None
BS / Shorts June 2023 (received) None


Autumn-Winter 2023 Collection (current)
/ Launch Restock
S1 / Slim cut September 2023 (received) End of December 2023 (planned)
S2 / Classic cut September 2023 (received) December 2023 (received)
S3 / One-Pleat cut October 2023 (received) December 2023 (received)
S4 / Two-Pleats cut October 2023 (received) December 2023 (received)
GS / Gurkha cut October 2023 (received) December 2023 (received)


2. Jackets

Spring-Summer 2023 Collection (past)
/ Launch Restock
Safari Jacket April 2023 (Received) June 2023 (received)


Autumn-Winter 2023 Collection (current)
/ Launch Restock
Safari Jacket September 2023 (received) No restock
Teba Jacket September 2023 (received) No restock
Maubourg Jacket September 2023 (received) No restock
Bodywarmer October 2023 (received) No restock
Odd Jacket October 2023 (received) No restock


3. Knitwear

Autumn-Winter 2023 Collection (current)
/ Launch Restock
Knit Blazer October 2023 (received) No restock
Cardigan October 2023 (received) No restock
Turtleneck October 2023 (received) No restock
Polo October 2023 (received) No restock


V. How to be informed of an item's availability? 

Case n°1 - New item

To find out when new products become available, we invite you to follow us on our social networks (links at the bottom of the page), particularly our Instagram account. You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

The launch of new garments is always announced.


Case n°2 - Restock

To be informed when a product is back in stock, you can register on the notification list available on the product page. You will be asked for an e-mail address. Do not hesitate to check your spam folder if you do not receive any emails in the following weeks.

Only permanent trousers and clothing from the current collection will be restocked. Check the first part of the article to see if your item is one of them!

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