What alterations are possible?

For the sake of quality, our trousers are designed so that they can be altered to suit as many people as possible.


The length of the trousers

The most obvious point of this policy is the length of our trousers. Our trousers have a default inseam length of approximately 95 centimeters.

This allows our team in the shop, or your local tailor, to adjust the trousers to the right length. So, whatever your size, the length of your trousers will always be perfect! This service is also available for online orders (but not recommended if it is your first order).

In addition, the trousers can be finished at the bottom with a choice of :

  • Invisible hems
  • Stitched hems (jeans type)
  • Split hems
  • Cuffs / Turn-ups (4 or 5 centimetres)

Other alterations

It is also possible to make other alterations.

We can widen or narrow :

  • The waistband
  • The crotch
  • The legs

Finally, it is possible to have the belt loops of our S1 / Fitted and S2 / Classic models replaced by side adjusters.

For more information, a complete Pants Alteration Guide is available!



Type Price
Waistband alteration 20 €
Crotch alteration 20 €
Narrowing or widening of the legs 40 €
Narrowing or widening of the thighs 20 €
Narrowing or widening of the calfs 20 €
Length (initial - Parisian Store) Offered when ordering a pair of trousers
Length (initial - Online Store) 15 €
Length (subsequent) 15 €


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