About our Trousers Cuts

We currently offer 6 cuts in our trouser collection:

  • The Slim cut
  • The Classic cut
  • The One-Pleat cut
  • The Two-Pleats cut
  • The Gurkha cut
  • The Fishtail cut

For the sake of simplicity, it can be distinguished according to two main criteria.

  • General appearance: Straight cuts and fitted cuts.
  • Details: Simple (belt loops, no pleats) or tailored (side adjusters, pleats, more assertive style).

Here is a reference table to help you make your choice, according to your preferences:

  Straight cuts Tapered cuts

Simple details

  • S2 / Classic cut
  • S1 / Slim cut
Tailored details
  • S3 / One-Pleat cut
  • GS / Gurkha cut
  • FS / Fishtail cut
  • S4 / Two-Pleats cut

You can find out more about all these cuts and their particularities on the Trouser Cut Guide.

Your trouser size is the same across our entire range, regardless of the cut. EXCEPT in the case of the S4 / Two-Piece cut, which runs small.
It is strongly recommended to choose one size larger than your other SCAVINI trousers.

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