Choosing Your Size

In this article, you'll find our advice on choosing the right trouser or jacket size. Let's get started!

Choosing the right size is an important part of any online clothing purchase. So we've put together a comprehensive guide to help you.


I. Determining your trouser size

Our first piece of advice is not to rely on your usual size in other clothing brands.

Why not?

  • Many brands use vanity sizing.
  • Size conversions between different measurement systems are often hazardous.

Instead, here are two quick and easy ways to find your SCAVINI trouser size.

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  • Method n°1 - Measuring your waist size

    All you need is a measuring tape. The recommended clothing is a simple T-shirt or dress shirt. Avoid thick clothing, which will bias the measurement.





    Place the measuring tape around your waist. It should be between your navel and the top of your pelvic bones. In other words, between the thinnest part of your waist and the widest. Generally speaking, 1 or 2 centimeters (0.4-0.8 in) below your navel is a good reference point.

    Bear in mind that your trousers need to be tight against your body to stay in place! So apply the same amount of pressure with your tape measure.

    Read the result. You'll get a number generally between 74 and 100 centimeters (29 and 39 in).

    Convert to centimeters if needed and divide this number by two. You'll get a number that corresponds to your SCAVINI trouser size!


    Result Table
    Result (cm) Corresponding size Result (cm) Corresponding size
    -74 Made-To-Measure 88 44
    74 38 89 44
    75 38 90 44
    76 38 91 46
    77 38 92 46
    78 38 93 46
    79 40 94 46
    80 40 95 48
    81 40 96 48
    82 40 97 48
    83 42 98 48
    84 42 99 50
    85 42 100-102 50
    86 42 102+ Made-To-Measure
    87 44 / /
  • Method n°2 - Measuring a pair of dress trousers

    For this method, you'll need a measuring tape and a pair of nicely fitting dress trousers.


    Button up the trousers and lay them flat, then measure just below the waistband, from left to right.

    It's important to place the tape measure at the base of the waistband, as shown in the illustration above.

    The centimeter value you will find is your size. If you're between sizes, refer to the table below.

    Result Table
    Result (cm) Corresponding size Result (cm) Corresponding size
    -36,5 Made-To-Measure 44,5 44
    36,5 - 37,5 38 (alterations needed) 45 44
    38 38 45,5 46
    38,5 38 46 46
    39 38 46,5 46
    39,5 40 47 46
    40 40 47,5 46
    40,5 40 48 48
    41 40 48,5 48
    41,5 42 49 48
    42 42 49,5 50
    42,5 42 50 - 51,5 50
    43 42 52 - 52,5 50 (alteration needed)
    43,5 44 53+ Made-To-Measure
    44 44 /  /

For the S4 / Two Pleats cut, it is necessary to take a size above your usual size in 90% of cases. Please contact us if you have any questions.

For the full measurement chart, please visit our website's size guide.



These two methods are demonstrated in video format on our YouTube Channel:


II. Determining your jacket size

Our jackets fit true to size. So you can choose your standard size (S-M-L-XL) without too much risk.

The exception to this rule is the Safari jacket with the box pleat in the middle back. These particular models fit small, and it's advisable to take one size larger than you're used to.

Here's the EU jacket size conversion chart:

Standard Size EU Jacket Size
XS 46
S 48
M 50
L 52
XL 54
XXL 55-56


III. Frequently Asked Questions

My size is not available

We strive to offer a comprehensive size range in our catalog, but as a small company producing small volumes according to industry standards, we have limitations.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the full range of sizes without compromising the quantity available for medium sizes.

However, we offer custom tailoring services where we can create garments in any size.


The received trousers are too long!

In order to ensure quality, our trousers are designed to be tailored and adjusted to fit a wide range of customers.

The most noticeable aspect of this approach is the length of our trousers. They are made with an approximate inseam length of 95 centimeters.

This allows our in-store team or your local tailor to adjust the length to your specific measurements. Regardless of your size, the length of your trousers will always be perfect!

This service is also available for online orders (although it is not recommended for first-time orders).

Other alterations, such as waist or leg width adjustments, are also possible. For more information, please refer to our article: What alterations can be made?

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